We help employees

unravel the complexity

of health care and navigate insurance systems.

What we Do

Member Advocacy

Navigating members through the health insurance and healthcare systems.  Especially confusing reference-based pricing plans.  We handle medical bill issues, claims issues, medication assistance programs, charity care/financial assistance applications, finding a provider, lost ID cards, benefits coverage questions and much more.


One-on-One enrollment meetings for each member.  We’ll outreach to each member or let them schedule with us.  Everyone gets a full explanation of ALL their benefits offerings.

Member Education

Ongoing communication with each member via email, phone, text and more as often as you’d like.  Our system allows for full customization on content, frequency, mode of communication, and reporting.

Marketing Campaigns

You sell, and we’ll do the marketing design, outreach and tracking. Our partnership with Meet Paddy CRM ensures we build upon the years of success of professional marketers.  Including websites, newsletters, social media, event planning and more.

It's our top priority to help benefits advisors succeed. We offer reference-based pricing plan pre-negotiation and coordination, empowering advisors and their clients with confidence in their RBP plans.

Our comprehensive suite of services also includes benefits websites with easy employee enrollment; broker-specific video modules; comprehensive client support from HR to C-suite; ticketing systems for customized workflows, custom marketing & CRM tools, PR and visibility campaigns for maximum exposure (as well as (quarterly or monthly) qualitative and quantitative data and analytics reporting.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for benefits professionals to embrace innovation and take advantage of new opportunities by providing the best products, services, and resources - so that you can focus on what matters most: your clients.

Supports Employees

Feel supported and in control of your healthcare. You have year-round access to experts who can help you and your family make the best decisions for your health.

We are here to help. Our services include providing guidance on selecting plans that best fit individual and family needs, providing educational materials to better understand coverage options, and giving advice on utilizing healthcare resources efficiently.

We strive to empower our clients to make informed decisions about their health insurance benefits with confidence.

Affiliations and Collaborators

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Insights Dashboard

Outbound Calling

Appointment Automation

Reputation Management

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For Employees

Centralized Communication

Member Advocacy

Ongoing Member Education

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